Online Signs of Safety Learning Programme;
Safety, Solution Building & Trauma Responsive Practice Approach
Available from May to March 2021

With the aim of supporting quality practice during the Covid-19 situation we have developed a series of workshops and a menu of support, that cover the content of the 5Day programme and will be offered online.

This series of short, interactive workshops is for people who already use Signs of Safety and the Suffolk practice approach and who need to learn about the latest, enhanced tools and techniques, AND for people who don’t yet know anything to start them off.

The content is new, so the expectation is that everyone across CYP and ACS will access the workshops (Excluding the two groups from ACS who completed the 5Day in December 2019 and February 2020)

Workshop One - Underpinning principles
Workshop Two – It’s all about Networks
Workshop Three - Capturing people’s lived experiences
Workshop Four - Developing critical worries and exploring existing safety
Workshop Five - Making sense and developing Goals
Workshop Six - Sustainable plans that everyone understands
The workshops will be approximately 2 hours long

Please see course code:

For further information contact: Sorrell Grove, Nicola Print, Teresa Barnett, Carrie Jordan, all
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