This course is enhanced learning for conducting interviews.

This workshop will help you to:
o Think about the values and behaviours required for the role that you are interviewing for
o Explore value based questions to effectively assess potential candidates for specific roles
o Give constructive feedback in a way that reflects the organisations values and approach

There is new Guidance that accompanies this workshop, that clarifies which roles require Warner Interviews in addition to the standard Panel Interview. This workshop is learning for everyone involved in the standard panel interviews.

This course will not cover process, policies and procedures as this is covered in the e-learning which covers the basics of recruitment.

This training is fully funded by Workforce Development for ACS and CYP Managers. It is also open to Managers in other SCC directorates at a charge of £35 per delegate.

To book your place today, please see below:
Thurs 21st Oct - M-VBI2102
Mon 29th Nov - M-VBI2103
Tues 18th Jan - M-VBI2201
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